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“We received many favorable comments about our wedding music…both at the ceremony and the courtyard reception.” 
Ron T., Father of the Bride 

“The musicians from Paragon were delightful people and wonderful performers.”
Marilyn M., Party Hostess

“The wedding music at our ceremony was as important to us as anything for our special day.  Paragon made everything come together and eased our anxiety.  I wouldn’t think of selecting any other group for such a big event!” 
Mike S., Groom

“Like fourteen years ago when they performed my oldest daughter’s wedding music, Paragon’s musicians always deliver that special touch.” 
Peggy F., Mother of the Bride

“It was beautiful!  I didn’t realize how much more romantic my wedding was going to be with your musicians.  I will always remember your superb talent and recommend you to all that I can.” 
Dana R., Bride

“There are few pleasures in life like listening to and watching truly professional musicians work their magic.  The Paragon Trio worked theirs at our daughter’s wedding and gave it just that sparkle and panache for which we had hoped.” 
Bruce C., Father of the Bride

“What also was very important to me was that your musicians were so nice.  That was very important to me and my husband…it made a difference.” 
Julie C., Bride

“You handled my inquiries, questions and changes (prior to the wedding) with poise and professionalism.  That same professionalism was also reflected at the wedding with the Paragon Trio, combined with the talent of the musicians!” 
Tiffany W., Bride

“The skill of the musicians and the beauty of the wedding music were evident to all who were in attendance and the music set the perfect mood for the festivities.” 
Gary P., Groom

“The DJ was very professional and friendly.  Our guests enjoyed the mix of music he played, and I received compliments on the quality of the entertainment throughout the evening.” 
Andrew D., Host

“We and everyone LOVED the band!  Everyone (from N.Y., L.A., Europe, ie. London, France, San Francisco, etc.) asked: ‘Are they local?’  We were proud to say Yes!  We’ve been hearing high praise about the entertainment during and after the wedding.” 
Sandy M., Bride

“Thank you for a fabulous evening of entertainment!  Our members truly enjoyed listening and dancing to your big band sounds.” 
Karen R., Event Coordinator

“I thoroughly enjoyed their entertainment, and I wanted to make sure to let you know what a great band the Buckeye Tailgaters are.  They were friendly, fun and willing to work with us to ‘make us look good,’ as the bandleader said.” 
Jodi T., Public Relations Coordinator

“The response to the evening was tremendous and people could not stop talking about the entertainmen .  They performed a great array of current and standard songs that merged rock, country, jazz, R&B and pop that kept the dance floor full all evening.” 
Felecia K., Gala Chairperson

Paragon Music & Entertainment, Ltd., Best Wedding Ceremony Music in Columbus, Lima, Zanesville - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner Wedding Wire Review


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