No birthday party would be complete without special entertainment to mark the occasion and make it memorable!

For adult birthday parties, a live band or disc jockey will get the fun started, and keep it going. Rule of thumb: a live band generates the most excitement and drama. On the other hand, a disc jockey can play a wider variety of music, and costs less.

For adult birthday parties where you don't expect to do much dancing, consider some light, mellow background music--played by a jazz combo, classical group or soloist.

For teenage birthday parties, a disc jockey is a popular and versatile choice. The DJ can play all the teens' favorite music, and make helpful announcements to get everyone participating in party activities. For extra excitement, novelty entertainers can interact with guests of all ages, and bring a real festival atmosphere to the party.

For children's birthday parties, an exciting and friendly novelty entertainers is just the ticket for success! Kids love to interact with these performers, and will talk for weeks about the fun they had at your event.

In any case, be sure to consider the age range of your guests--and especially that of the "birthday boy" or "birthday girl"-- when choosing your party entertainment!