Entertainment plays a major role in many activities associated with conventions and conferences. For hospitality suites, cocktail parties, receptions, awards banquets, and dinners--events where there will be no dancing--enjoyable background music is a "must!" Light jazz or light classical background music--played by a jazz combo, a classical group or a soloist--will create a congenial atmosphere and encourage attendees to "mingle."

If there is a special theme for your convention or conference, choose entertainment that carries your theme vividly. A live band, soloist, disc jockey, classical group, or orchestra can evoke places, events, nationalities, or historical time periods to make your theme come alive! And don't forget--novelty performers that fit your theme are a great way to get attendees involved and into the spirit of the event.

For convention or conference events where there will be dancing, choose a live band or a disc jockey. Rule of thumb: a live band generates the most excitement and drama, while a disc jockey can play a wider variety of music, and costs less.

For the most sensational results at your convention or conference, consider a celebrity entertainer. A nationally-known act is a great way to really get people's attention, and create a memorable event in one bold stroke. Hint: If you have the help of a professional entertainment company such as Paragon, you don't have to be an expert to successfully book celebrity entertainment. (But you can take the credit!)