For fundraising dinners, receptions, awards banquets, cocktail parties--events where there will be no dancing--enjoyable background music is a "must!" Light jazz or light classical background music--played by a jazz combo, a classical group or a soloist--will create a congenial atmosphere and encourage guests to "mingle."

For fundraising events where guests will be dancing, choose a live band or a disc jockey. Rule of thumb: a live band generates the most excitement and drama--is more of a change of pace. A disc jockey plays a wider variety of music styles, and costs less.

For the most sensational results at your fundraising event, consider a celebrity entertainer. A nationally-known act is an great way to thrill your guests and create a memorable event in one bold stroke. Hint: If you have the help of a professional entertainment company such as Paragon, you don't have to be an expert to successfully book celebrity entertainment. (But you can take the credit!)

For holiday fundraising events, novelty entertainers create a playful and convivial atmosphere. If you event has a particular theme, these performers can help make it come alive.