For a fun prom where people will dance all night, and remember and talk about it for years to come, you've got to have exciting entertainment!

A disc jockey provides the broadest variety of dance music--all your favorite songs and artists, sounding just like they do on your CD player. An experienced disc jockey will make announcements and keep the party going. And don't forget, disc jockey entertainment is relatively inexpensive.

A live band provides a more exciting dance experience, with live performers who will respond to the audience through their music. A live band is somewhat more expensive than a DJ, but for those whose budget will allow, it brings a special excitement and tends to be more memorable.

For the most sensational results at your prom, consider a celebrity band. A nationally or regionally popular band is a bold way to really get people's attention, and create an extraordinary prom. Of course, not every prom budget can take advantage of this option. Hint: If you have the help of a professional entertainment company such as Paragon, you don't have to be an expert to successfully book bands. (But you can take the credit!)

A word to the wise: be sure to arrange for your prom entertainment early! Successful prom planners reserve their entertainment in early fall, before DJs and bands' prom schedules fill up.