Type of Music: Classical

Number of Musicians: 2

Instruments: Harp & Flute

Performance Attire:
Formal attire

Other Comments: Silver & Gold features two gifted, conservatory-trained professionals with decades of performing experience at weddings, banquets, receptions, and many other special events.

The music of Silver & Gold includes a wide variety of light classical , traditional and popular selections to delight guests of all ages.

Dressed formally for all their performances, Silver & Gold creates not only the exquisite sound of silvery flute and breathtaking harp, but also an elegant visual backdrop to enhance your event.

If you prefer, Silver & Gold will be happy to perform for your event in its alternate version of Harp and Violin. Repertoire for this combination is the same as for the original combination.

Silver & Gold

Information about each of the performers displayed and described, was obtained directly from each performer, and is therefore believed to be accurate.