Carefully Controlled
Paragon's disc jockeys have the experience to know what volume range is appropriate for special event entertainment. (As you can imagine, volume that is too loud can spoil everyone's enjoyment and make it impossible for anyone to converse. On the other hand, volume that is too soft can make it difficult for event guests to hear announcements and to enjoy dancing to the music.) Your Paragon disc jockey will use his years of experience and sensitivity to the way your event unfolds, to monitor and control the volume of music and announcements, so that your entertainment is effective and enjoyable for all.

Cheerfully Adjusted
Your Paragon disc jockey will remain attentive to your wishes throughout your event. Paragon's DJs are experts at keeping entertainment volume at appropriate and enjoyable levels. However, if at any time during your event you wish to have the volume adjusted, your DJ will cheerfully adjust it as you request.

Music Volume