Ten Helpful Hints in Selecting a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

by Rhonda Frascotti, BM, MM

1. Select a Disc Jockey service with wedding experience specifically.
Remember, a DJ Service is not "one-size-fits-all!" Wedding receptions call for a different set of DJ skills from proms or frat parties!

2. Ask for references and written comments from people who have used the DJ service for their weddings.
A solid "track record" and well-documented experience is the strongest assurance you can have that the DJ service you choose will be completely satisfactory at your wedding too.

3. Look for a DJ service with an organized method of documenting your requests for music, emceeing, announcements, etc.
A reputable DJ service such as The Paragon Disc Jockey Service, (740) 548-5250, will provide a special form for you to complete, called the "Wedding Reception Entertainment Planner." During your reception, the DJ will refer to your written responses and instructions in the Planner.

4. Select a service that employs only mature DJs with extensive wedding experience.
Teenage Disc Jockeys typically do not possess the skills and experience necessary for a successful wedding reception performance.

5. Be sure to ask whether the DJ will be dressed in black tuxedo.
The disc jockey's appearance should be neat and formal. Unless you are planning a very informal reception, do not accept casual DJ attire.

6. Select a DJ service that tailors both the music they play and the disc jockey's style of presentation, to your wishes.
There is no reason to let a disc jockey dictate what music will be played at your own reception. Select a service that lets you make the decisions about music and mood!

7. Choose a reputable local DJ service over a franchised "chain" company.
A nationally-marketed franchise may send an impressive reference list and slick promotional video... but be cautious! Remember, their materials have been collected and produced in another city, wherever the company's headquarters are—it really tells you nothing about the quality of service you'll receive locally. A smarter choice is an experienced "hometown" DJ service—such as The Paragon Disc Jockey Service—created specifically to serve local events. They will be better attuned to the needs of your wedding reception here in Central Ohio.

8. Hold out for a DJ service that recognizes the importance of controlling the music's volume.
An otherwise great reception can be spoiled by music that's too loud—usually the result of DJ inexperience.

9. Ask whether advertising signs or banners will be displayed by the DJ at your reception.
Reputable companies such as The Paragon Disc Jockey Service don't cheapen wedding receptions by using them as advertising opportunities!

10. Ask about "effects" such as lights, bubbles, fog, etc.
Some services try to force these on you with "wedding packages." If you don't want them, you may be paying more than you need to.


2000 Rhonda Frascotti

Rhonda Frascotti is co-owner of Paragon Music & Entertainment, Ltd. She holds music degrees from Indiana University and The Eastman School of Music. She is a principal Violinist in the prestigious Columbus Symphony, and a founding member of Columbus' most celebrated wedding music ensemble, The Paragon Trio. Since 1986, Frascotti has served as Entertainment Adviser for Paragon Music & Entertainment, assisting hundreds of clients each year in their selection of wedding musicians and entertainment.