What Every Bride Should Know about Choosing
Your Wedding Ceremony Music

by Rhonda Frascotti, BM, MM

Picture yourself the radiant bride, all eyes upon you. As you glide down the aisle, there is a spellbinding sense of drama. You smile serenely, focused on the handsome groom awaiting you at the end of your walk. But you are pleasantly aware of appreciative murmurs as you pass by: "What a lovely ceremony!" It's every bride's fondest wish. How can you make this romantic fantasy become reality at your Wedding? With Music! Remember, the breathtakingly beautiful moments at a wedding ceremony seem utterly spontaneous, but in fact they are the result of details performed exactly right—especially regarding the music. Here are a few simple pointers to help you select the right professional musicians to do just that at your wedding...

1. Choose musicians who perform music for a living, full-time—such as Columbus Symphony musicians.
They will be the best qualified and the most experienced.

2. Look for musicians with plenty of experience performing specifically at wedding ceremonies.
The ability to coordinate music exactly with the pace and timing of a ceremony (gracefully and in correct tempo) comes only from years of actual experience.

3. Don't just "shop price" for your wedding musicians.
Consider training and experience as carefully as you consider price. You really do get what you pay for!

4. Use an entertainment company that has an organized way to take your music requests.
A reputable music provider, such as Paragon Music & Entertainment (740) 548-5250 will provide a helpful "Ceremony Music Requests" form to document your music requests. By completing this form you can be assured your requests are understood and honored.

5. Really listen to demo tapes.
A demo tape will tell you a lot about the sound and style of the musicians. It should also indicate whether they are able to play appropriate music for wedding ceremonies. Remember, "hearing is believing." Avoid engaging a group that does not have at least some wedding music on their demo tape.

6. Take note of the quality of the promotional literature you receive.
Neat, attractive and well-organized promotional materials are a good indication of competent, experienced music providers.

7. Ask to see written comments from brides who have used the musicians in the past.
Your best assurance that your ceremony music will be beautifully and precisely played, is to know that others have been pleased with their ceremony music.

8. If your wedding will take place in a church or synagogue, contact them before deciding on your ceremony music.
Some churches and synagogues have in-house rules about what music may be played, and what outside musicians may be utilized.

9. Check to be sure musicians will be dressed appropriately for your ceremony.
Formal dress is standard for professional wedding musicians, such as musicians from Paragon Music & Entertainment. Best Wishes!

2000 Rhonda Frascotti

Rhonda Frascotti is co-owner of Paragon Music & Entertainment, Ltd. She holds music degrees from Indiana University and The Eastman School of Music. She is a principal Violinist in the prestigious Columbus Symphony, and a founding member of Columbus' most celebrated wedding music ensemble, The Paragon Trio. Since 1986, Frascotti has served as Entertainment Adviser for Paragon Music & Entertainment, assisting hundreds of clients each year in their selection of wedding musicians and entertainment.