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WELCOME to the Paragon Music & Entertainment Wedding Music Blog!

A very brief introduction for those of you who may not know us well–we  are  a customer-oriented music and entertainment company which has served Columbus and Central Ohio since 1985.  We offer everything in the world of entertainment:
      *Symphony Musicians (from the Columbus Symphony)
      *Professional, no rx  Fun DJs  [The Paragon DJ Service]
      *Bands (Central Ohio’s finest)
      *Soloists (All Instruments)

That’s what we offer, but that’s not all we do.  What we do primarily is to help people!

Choosing music and/or entertainment can be a minefield.  Nowadays anyone with software can call themselves a musician or a DJ.  And with web design software, they can post a convincing web site.  Whether they have any talent, performance knowledge or experience is not readily discernible.  Those considerations are however critical to the success of an event!

In coming posts, we will share some of the tools we have developed to empower you to make intelligent choices of music and entertainment, we will share information which will help you avoid all of the common pitfalls,  and we will offer tips on how to discern professional, experienced performers from greenhorns who could ruin your event. 

For now, we are glad that you are here, and we plan to make it worth your while to return again and again.  We hope that you will!

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