Choosing Ceremony Music without Becoming a Musicologist

As with all other elements of your wedding, click your ceremony music should be a reflection of your vision.  But choosing ceremony music isn’t like choosing a wedding gown or choosing an entree for your reception.  You can easily look through wedding gowns and taste different entrees. 

Until now the only way for a bride-to-be to choose ceremony music was to search the internet for hours or, generic even less conveniently, spend hours at the library listening to all manner of recordings.  In either case,  trying to judge which pieces are appropriate for what parts of the ceremony is difficult.  And even if you get that far, you then need to find musicians who have the pieces you choose in their repertoire.  Even if all of this were possible, it’s completely impractical.

We would like to propose something different, which we think is infinitely more effective and convenient.  It also allows you to hear the specific music group you are considering, playing the standard wedding ceremony pieces even before you hire the group, while telling you the name of each piece.  This allows you to choose what you will actually hear at your ceremony.

As an example, here is a ceremony music demonstration recording for one of our most popular ceremony music groups, The Symphony String Quartet.  (The narration starts after some brief, introductory music.)

Should you choose to hire such a group, you can then use this type of recording to pick specific pieces, knowing exactly what they will sound like at your ceremony.

We believe that this is a convenient way for brides to choose ceremony music which reflects their vision for their wedding ceremony, without spending hours and hours, searching high and low, for pieces the group they have chosen might not even play. 

What do you think?

More information about The Symphony String Quartet:

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